• 24Mar

    This is the story of a green hoarder. My great aunt grew up during the Great Depression. As a result she felt that everything should be reused and recycled. When we visited her, we always accepted her offer of jars, brown bags, newspapers, and other various recyclables to prevent her from drowning in her living hoardings. Now this was in the day before the garbage man came to your house and picked up the little box filled with cans, newspapers, and plastic water bottles, so I am sure she would have been horrified if she knew we burned the paper goods. We did however use the jars that were suitable for canning, but the cans, and other glass items that we could not use I am afraid more often than not ended up in the trash. We called her crazy but today she would be green. Go figure.

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  • 11Mar

    When I was a child, I remember the downright obsessive degree of attention that the public school system paid to handwriting. Whether we were printer Manchester in simply standard form, or elaborately complex cursive, penmanship always counted. In fact, I still have nightmares today of my stickler teacher forcing me to take down an entire page of cursive “G”‘s in under a minute. That’s why I, along with most others in my situation, were baffled when cursive writing scarcely made an appearance in the real world. No matter what your profession may be, frittering away countless hours trying to teach young students to form meticulous cursive lettering has proven to be an abject failure. So you can image in my surprise when my son brought home an assignment requiring him to write the entire lowercase alphabet in cursive. Some things never change, I suppose.

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  • 06Mar

    So Here I am getting older and sure enough, my hearing is starting to fail. I didn’t want to except it at the time, but unfortunately it is happening. So I have started researching all the options available to me and I definitely believe it is time to get a hearing aid. Yes, the one thing everyone dreads is having this huge hideous thing sticking out of their ear. I guess it could be fashionable. Okay so maybe not, but thankfully hearing aids Knutsford these days are pretty discreet and I won’t have to yell at my grand-kids anymore when I simply want to say I love them. So yes I have to get a hearing aid, but no, it is not the end of the world. I will still be the coolest Grandma on the block.

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  • 16Feb

    It was amazing, simply amazing. I had been on exchange to England in my senior year of college. Five years later, I found myself invited back to my dorm mate’s wedding. I would take any excuse to come back to the British Isles. When I found out the wedding was in Edinburgh, Scotland, I was over the moon. I had visited Edinburgh once before, walked High Street, and toured the castle. Somehow, through family connections, the ceremony would be in the castle itself! Such romance! I looked on line forĀ Premier Inn hotels in Edinburgh . I hopped on the web, I spoke with my friend and she found me a dream spot just around the corner from the castle. It was beautiful, situated in the perfect location. They attended to my every need and I was able to enjoy the wedding of a lifetime. My next vacation will be in Edinburgh.

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  • 01Feb

    I was always over-weight as a child growing up, one day I decided that I was going to do something about it. One morning, I was walking through a store and saw all of the workout videos that they had to offer. I decided to pick up a couple videos, weights and some resistance bands. After a couple of months, my motivation was gone and it was back to sitting on the coach depressed.

    My mother made a great suggestion and told me to do some research on a personal trainer Cardiff. I found one about five miles from my home that had great reviews. I’ve been working out with the same trainer for about five years and I lost way more weight than I ever thought I would. My body feels great and I am energized throughout the entire day. The best part is that my depression has completely gone away!

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  • 25Jan

    And so it begins… another night with my fight against the pillow. I want to sleep so badly but insomnia takes over. I have tried everything Google suggests: the room is dark, I cut off the caffeine at a reasonable hour, but still I lay here. I am awake as day, focusing on each passing minute of sleep I will not get.

    So frustrated when it hits me- A brilliant idea! Of course she would still be awake due to the time difference. She answers. All I need to say is “Hey! How is it going?” and she is off. Just like many conversations we have daily, the “Me Monster” starts in on every detail about herself. Suddenly my eyes feel heavy. It is working, I am falling asleep. She is my sleep uk therapy. She gets to listen to herself talk and I get to sleep. Everyone wins-my insomnia cured!

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  • 21Jan

    A particularly stressful day was staring me right in the face. Not only had I barely slept during the night, only to be awakened by the sound of lawn mower outside at 5 a.m., but my agenda was packed for the day. After dropping the kids off at school, and by the way, all three of them go to different schools, I had to get into work for an important meeting by 8:45.

    The day was packed with attending meetings, creating proposals, reviewing marketing plans and editing down paragraphs into tiny slices of propaganda. What’s a lunch break? Well, that day, I didn’t even know. In fact, so much had happened that I didn’t even realize when it was time to finally leave.

    Fortunately, on the way home, I stopped by my favorite spa and was able to get a nice thai massage Bristol. At last, my day had taken a turn for the better, and I could carry on in peace.

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  • 16Jan

    In southern United States, air conditioning Bury is running pretty much all the time. I suppose this depends on where you are, but where I lived it ran for the majority of the year. It made lives comfortable, a sweet haven away from the blistering southern heat.

    Now that I live in Canada, things have changed. It doesn’t take a skilled meteorologist to know that Canada is cold. In the harsh winter months, I am left freezing and huddled up with an electric blanket, attempting all I can in order to get warm. Since Canada is only hot a couple months a year, a lot of people simply don’t have cooling systems inside their homes.

    Canada can definitely get hot during the summer, sometimes managing to compete with the temperatures from southern United States. So here I am, in the humid heat, armed with cold water and fans, desperately wishing for the cold air I only need a few times a year.

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